Apply For Membership

If you understand what a housing co-op is about and are interested in joining our community, you can download an application from the bottom of this page, but please read this entire page before applying.

One of the most important aspects of co-operative living is participation.  Co-ops are able to keep their housing charges low by depending on the volunteer efforts of their members to help with the management of the co-op.  Before you apply for membership in a co-operative community, you should discuss with your family how you plan to adjust your lifestyle to make time to contribute to your neighborhood.

Potential members must be prepared to:

  • Actively participate in the governance of our co-operative community.
  • Attend general membership meetings.
  • Volunteer to serve on the Board of Directors or a committees.

Our 50 units consist of:

  • 13 x 2-bedroom units @ $1,045 / month + $4,000 share purchase
  • 37 x 3 bedroom units @ $1,145 / month + $4,000 share purchase

Potential applicants should have a minimum income of about $4,000/month.

If you would like to apply for membership, you can click here to download our application.  Completed applications can be dropped off at the co-op’s office.

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